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Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College

Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was established in the year 1997, under the patronage of Sri Balaji Educational Society inorder to meet the educational demands in the growing communities of Adoni. as the community grew, so did Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College. the college was governed by the Sri Balaji Educational Scoiety.

The 1st foundation stone is laid by our beloved M.L.A Sri.k.Meenakshi Naidu on 1st may 1997 and the college building was inaugurated by prof.P.R.Naidu (Vice-Chancellor of S.K.University, Anantapur) on 28th February 1998.

Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree College was conceived and created beside the Ramjala road, which is one of the pride places of the Adoni town which will be the resource for water supplied road in 1997. 12 months later the college inaugurated and quickly became the pride of the community. Long-term residents as well as aspiring young immigrants attended the college to realize their dreams.